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In the Midst of Fire...

Eternity Bewitches

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31 August
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* I have two kids, who I fondly call monsters. Really, they are. Cagen (b. 1/11/02) & Aiden (b. 12/15/03)
* I live in the middle of nowhere.. in my mum's house which is otherwise known as hell.
* I am impatient when it comes to everything not my kids.
* I am kind and thoughtful.
* I can be vindictive, but try to always take the high road. Sometimes I find that impossible.
* I am a writer. I write only for myself. Getting published has not and probably won't ever be a concern of mine.
* I have practiced Wicca for a long, long time. I am also a member of the ADF. I find myself drawn toward druidism more and more these days.
* I am one of the most bitter and cynical people you will ever meet. Unless I tell you that, you'll never know it because most people will never see that side of me.
* Love fascinates me.
* People fascinate me.
* While I may sometimes say otherwise, I like who I am (for the most part).
* I have been called spazzy before, but I'm fairly certain the guy was out of his mind when he called me that. :)
* I most definitely have my quirks, but they aren't many.
* I rarely regret anything I do.
* I am very unforgiving.
* I never forget.
* I don't consider many people to be friends. I am very loyal to those that I do consider friends and I expect the same in return.

* I have been told:
~~~ I'm the type of person who wouldn't show up to my own funeral.
~~~ I could talk myself out of my own religion.
~~~ I'm the leader of fools.

✰ This is a friends only journal. ✰

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